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Plunger Tips

Plunger tips are components used in the shot sleeve of a die casting machine. They are designed to help regulate the flow of molten metal into the die cavity, ensuring castings are produced accurately and with minimal defects. They are often custom designed to fit the specific machine model and can come in various shapes and sizes to suit different casting applications. Plunger tips play an essential role in various industries, including automotive, aerospace, and consumer goods. 

The material requirements for plunger tips can be challenging, as they must withstand the high temperatures and pressures involved. As an essential component in the shot sleeve of die casting machines, using the best possible solution for your plunger tips will result in higher-quality end products and less downtime.

AMPCOLOY® High Thermal Conductivity Copper Alloy Plunger Tips

AMPCOLOY® materials, a range of high thermal conductivity copper alloys, possess exceptional strength and wear resistance, making them ideal for various industrial applications, including plunger tips for die casting.

Plunger tips are exposed to extreme temperatures and pressures during the die casting process, rendering them susceptible to wear and degradation over time. However, the use of AMPCOLOY® high thermal conductivity copper alloys significantly extends the lifespan of plunger tips due to their superior resistance to wear and corrosion.

These alloys also provide excellent thermal conductivity, which aids in the prevention of thermal shock and cracking. Together with their low coefficient of friction, these copper alloys ensure smoother operations and lower the risk of sticking or jamming. Hence, AMPCOLOY® high thermal conductivity copper alloys contribute to enhancing the efficiency and productivity of the die casting process.

Our solution for your die casting tooling needs

The uniform structure and high thermal conductivity of all AMPCOLOY® materials add significant value to the die casting process. Our water-cooled copper alloy plunger tips force molten zinc and aluminum through a polished steel sleeve and into die cavities to form intricate parts. The inner diameter of the steel sleeve and the outside diameter of the plunger tip are machined and polished to best match tolerances, with clearances of 0.05 – 0.13 mm.

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