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  • Includes rod, plate and bar, and is specified for welding dies, welding wheels and resistance welding components for RWMA Group A class 3 and class 4, as well as bearings, bushings, liners, valve seats, fittings, gears, seals, etc.
  • AMPCOLOY® copper alloys are also used to produce resistance welding equipment components: electrodes, shanks, adaptors, holders, and others.

AMPCO METAL has served the automotive industry as a trusted partner and supplier for decades, providing specialty bronzes and quality copper-based alloys for a wide range of transportation applications. Typically, AMPCO® alloys are used in applications that require heat-resistance and friction-sensitivity. Which is why AMPCOLOY® copper alloys are the material of choice due to their excellent fatigue properties, combined with high strength and high conductivity characteristics.

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