Early in 1914 a small group of entrepreneurs met to discuss an exciting discovery: “a new bronze hard enough to cut steel.” On June 6th, 1914, the inventor, August Littman joined with other entrepreneurs to form the American Metal Products Company. The product was to be called AMPCO® Bronze, a name derived from the initials of the Company. The trademark selected was a diamond and the alloy was made through a secret process known only to a select few.
Success was slow coming but by the early 1930s AMPCO® had established itself as a recognized leader in the production of aluminium bronze alloys as sand castings, centrifugal castings and forgings. The American Metal Products Company, renamed AMPCO METAL in 1930, had built a reputation as a reliable producer of consistent quality products. World War II brought a heavy demand for the production of copper-based alloys and the value of industrial bronzes was recognized more and more, especially in aircraft engineering. By 1944, AMPCO METAL’s manufacturing staff had increased from 100 to 2,500 people, with every American plane carrying AMPCO METAL parts in its engines, landing gear, propellers or airframe. In the marine environment, AMPCO METAL propellers were produced for landing barges and ships. In fact, alloys from AMPCO METAL were used in most spheres of military operations.
The years from 1922 to the 70s saw the introduction of innovative products and technologies like non-sparking, non-magnetic Hand Tools, centrifugally cast bronzes, hard bronzes for die applications, nickel aluminium bronzes, high conductivity welding electrodes and new high strength aircraft alloys.

In the 1970s the company became the first alloy producer certified to ASME and in the 1980s the first Company to use Evaporative Pattern Casting (EPC) manufacturing processes to produce copper-based alloys.

In 1957 AMPCO METAL began expanding its sales network in different countries, primarily across Europe, in order to increase market coverage.

Recognizing the tremendous market opportunity presented by the rapidly expanding Chinese economy, AMPCO METAL opened a sales and marketing office in Tianjin in 2003.

Today, AMPCO METAL has operations on 3 continents and in 16 countries.

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